Major Projects

What Have we done?

Helena Walking Tours

bernardThis project was done in the summer of 2017 under 52Sierra. The original plan was to add augmented reality to what had been the current Walking Tours app, however we finished ahead of schedule so we rebuilt both the iOS and Android app from the ground up. We used KudanAR to create the augmented reality historic view points. This project was funded by Helena Tourism Alliance and can be found on the Play Store and App Store.


Take a look at some of the websites we have designed for our clients, you can see a small preview by selecting the website from the dropdown.

Verse of the Day Flash Briefing

alexaThis was a project done in 2017 under Life.Church. This skill was created using Lambda functions and Node JS. Upon release the skill quickly rose up the charts and landed top 10. You can find the skill here on Amazon. It was published by Life.Church the creators of the Bible App.

Zaltech Solutions Smartwatch App

zaltechThis project was done in the summer of 2018 under Zaltech Solutions. For this project we created a smartwatch application designed to help nurses and residents in elderly care facilities. The idea behind the project was to create a way for a smartwatch to recognize when a resident has fallen or is in need of assistance and then transmit the watches approximate location to a nurse with readings of the residents heart rate and other important information. This was meant to replace the current system of Life-Alert type devices which are not as reliable and also cannot report the users location.